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Unusual Nadodrze – guided tour in English

Traces of Breslau – city walk through Nadodrze
Wycieczka po Nadodrzu w języku angielskim.

Nadodrze is a beautiful downtown neighgbourhood with tenanment houses and a network of cobbled roads. Very close to the Old Town, but off the main turist tracks. A place speaking with its rich history and vibrant artistic life. Nadodrze was considered rather dangerous for many years. Thanks to revitalization it became popular among artists. Wide variety of different artistic, cultural and social initiatives helped Nadodrze to improve its image. Thanks to those changes this neglected district got a totally new life!

We invite you for a walk through the backyards, alleys, workshops of artists and craftsmen. Discover with us the most interesting architecture and places worth visiting.

During our walk, we will discover industrial origins of the neighborhood and its developement during times when Wroclaw was German city called Breslau. We will see most interesting buildings by famous Breslau architect – Richard Konwiarz and discover most interesting tenanment houses full of rich history of old Wrocław.

The traces of old Breslau can be seen everywhere on Nadodze. If you look closely, you will observe paint coming off from buildings where German signs are suddenly appearing again.

start: Mural 'Gate to Nadodrze’ (Łokietka/Drobnera corner)
14th of October (Saturday)
godz. 12:00 am

Our guide will be Szymon Maraszewski.
The tour is free, signing up is no needed.

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